Coravida´s Sponsorship program

Coravida an Artists’ Paradise is sponsoring artists / musicians / performers and healers to share their gifts freely

We shall collectively seek to be supported by the beneficiaries of these experiences.

If you are interested in sponsorship , wherever you are.. the process is simple:

1- Tell us what gift(s) you would like to share with the world?
2- Tell us WHY its important to share?
3- How soon are you ready to share?
4- What do you need to be supported and carry out your unique gifts?
5- Send us a 1 minute or so example of what you do on video? Or come apply in person at Coravida in Costa Rica.

Current structure of sponsorship:

1: We will provide living support to qualifying artists for the production of your art or craft
2: You will be an artist of the Coravida network helping to support artists
3- All proceeds from will be donated to Coravida and used 100% for the Coravida Fund supporting artists and healers
4- Any money derived from work produced during this sponsorship after living costs are covered, will be shared 51% to artist / 49% to Coravida. Coravida will continue to reinvest its share in successful artists and their projects.

Coravida is presently sponsoring two musicians, one entrepreneur and one film maker and we are about to launch the Coravida Show documenting the journey. Join us.