About Coravida

The body has a heart, what about having one in every community?

Coravida is a healing space for the heart, as well as a central location for heart connection and community service. We are now accepting people in need of healing and volunteers from all over the world, beginning with our first beautiful location in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. See pictures

We are also actively looking to open other heart centers worldwide..
Join us if you’d like to help open a heart center or volunteer!

Healing Heart Ache and Heart Break: Our Top 10 Recommendations

Sometimes the best thing to do when your heart is aching is to get away and give yourself time to heal. This will give you new perspective and also prevents you from going back into a situation that might be toxic (for example a destructive relationship). At Coravida we provide a safe, soulful space to allow you to expand who you are as a spirit during this highly transformational period. And can coach you through any reconciliation efforts.

If you cannot get away from it all .. at least re-organize your space. Clean up your space and hide any of the person’s pictures, clothing or other environmental triggers that might keep you in a consistent state of pain or agony.

Many people make the mistake of going through their heart ache alone, or alienating friends and family with the same stories until they don’t want to hear it anymore. It helps to be surrounded by caring, supportive and skilled people around to listen to your issue and work through them with you. At Coravida, our  heart center team is trained to help you heal through your current issues in the best, most positive way. And we’ll make several recommendations during your stay with us based on proven strategies for healing your heart fast.

There are also many heart based people at the Heart Center to connect with and help you re-experience your sense of connecting with other humans on a deeper level.

You may find it really helpful to write out your situation from both sides of the relationship – by trying to capture both voices .. it can really help you start to see things from a more neutral position. A neutral position is helpful whether you decide to reconcile or not. And in case of losing a loved one, it can provide a kind of closure. You can also reflect by telling your story to a good listener. At Coravida we’re very good listeners 🙂

Sometimes love can be like a drug and really cloud our view on things. It does take time, but gradually when freed from the strong cocktail of ‘love chemicals’ that bond humans, your perspective will get more clear. And as you gain a clearer perspective you can more easily see where you might have gotten o ff track and how to get back on track.

A common mistake during experiences that cause us massive heart pain is to close off and not feel at all. While being numb to the hurt might make us feel better in the short term, in the long run we stop ourselves from experiencing the flow of love that felt so good in the first place. Keep your heart open and over time the pain will subside, and yet you will still be able to receive love .. from the universe, yourself and others. It’s never “too soon” to experience love again.. just don’t prematurely look outside of yourself for it right away if your heart is still healing.

After giving yourself some time to simply get away from it all and allow the immediate storm of emotions to pass.. it’s a good idea to review all the things YOU did right or wrong in the relationship. While it’s easy to point out what the other did wrong, it takes some honest Soul searching to discover what you could do better.. to prepare yourself to be an even better partner in future relationships. To appreciate the things that you might have took for granted.. overall we can reap great benefits out of an ended relationship such as: better self-understanding and awareness, higher levels of self-respect and a new appreciation for what we were attracted to and loved our previous partners for in the first place, even if the person wasn’t who we thought they were.

Each time you remember “emotionally charged” emotions from the past you might experience the feeling of heart break all over again. This is completely normal and part of the letting go process. If you don’t judge it and simply allow yourself to feel through it.. you’ll notice each time you go back to the same memo

After the ending of a relationship it takes time to reorient yourself from the “we” to “me” center. The sooner you can “let go” and trust that whatever is going to happen will happen, you can get back to being happy with being in the company of YOU. From here we suggest getting into a routine that helps you feel alive and on purpose.

As you find yourself in a better heart space, you may feel more ready to celebrate and express yourself. You’ll have a new found appreciation for your freedoms to do pretty much anything you want as long as its in alignment with the new higher self you want to be. In an environment like Coravida you’ll have the space to dance, sing, do art, play an instrument, do yoga, meditation, go on an adventure or community missions and any number of activities that are proven to release feel good hormones and soothe the soul!

Who is Coravida For?

Anyone suffering through heart ache, heart break, emotional loss , depression, trauma, etc.

How much does it cost?

Minimum donation for inclusive stays begins at $40 a night in one of our shared rooms and / or you may barter for stay as well creates a unique offering for everyone that is part of Coravida. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a special financial situation.

How long can I stay for?

We try to do our best to accommodate anyone and everyone that has a need or interest in staying at a Coravida Heart Center.. but we do have limited space. We will do our best to offer confirmed reservations or transfer you to other housing nearby if you still want to be apart of Coravida activities. In some cases we may dismiss guests  if we feel they are ready to re-integrate with the world and to make room for someone else that might need tensive heart care.

Love Coravida? We are actively expanding to support all needs and build a community of heart driven people and you can help!


Coravida Heart Centers: A New Level of Care.

f only you knew how it changed my outlook on pain James. I am forever grateful that I have undergone such experience. . have learned to embrace pain and have learned each time from it. . To be focused on the present and maximize it.. and whenever another wave of pain came, acceptance of the bitter truth sets me free.If heart clearing is a form of medicine I will take it everyday.And if I can fully master it like you do, I’d be glad to share it to those who need it. . So thank you very much. .

Precky G

Before the heart clearing session, there were days that I would feel depressed. I couldn’t even explain why but I just felt that something was missing. It was getting worse every day. I was desperate to divert my attention and make myself busy. But every night, when I am about to sleep, the empty feeling in my chest keeps me awake. I had to listen to music to clear my head or at least, not hear the thoughts in my head. It’s been more than a week since my heart clearing session and I don’t remember feeling down since that day. I feel more alive now and good things are starting to come my way.

Erika M

I told the story to people around that were so surprised to see me refreshed and could definitely see a difference in me! and i keep getting asked about you! I’m truly grateful of what you have done with me – I still have some of the dreams but it’s definitely less and I’m learning how to control and not be stressed by them. 🙂

Saya B

Before my Heart Clearing experience with James, I used to carry around all my heartaches and pains that have accumulated over the years due to different circumstances in life. Imagine how heavy that is. My friends sometimes can feel that negative energy no matter how I smile and I myself can feel the baggage.During my heart clearing, I was able to cry out all the pains and James helped me learn the process of letting go. I used to drink first so I can cry, now I can cry anytime if I felt pain. Overtime, I learn how to let go easily.Now, I feel a lot lighter and happier. My energy or aura is more vibrant and I’m not afraid to face and go through pain in life. Because if we process the pain and cry, we don’t have any reason to carry it around with us anymore and we are able to move on.When we have a clear heart, we can feel love even more. And by that, we are able to share it to more people and touch their aching hearts. .

Lota S

Coravida Heart Centers

Location #1: Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio
Description: A 15 bedroom Heart Center with two pools overlooking the forest canopy, the town of Quepos and the ocean.  Home to plenty of monkeys, geckos, iguanas and sloths. The perfect venue and surrounding for feeling good.
Contact Details: info@coravida.com


Our mission is huge and we need your help!

There are three levels of volunteering
-Helper:  helping with various tasks like cooking, cleaning, hosting, gardening, organizing events etc.
– Nurse : assisting the doctors with their functions, prepping guests,  group teaching and facilitating prescriptions such as hugs, cuddles, massages, etc. (only what you feel comfortable with). Training is provided.
-Doctor: Reviewing patients, prescribing heart healing programs, administering the heart clearing process in one-on-one settings in person or over Skype.  Training is provided.

To Get Started !

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The Story of Coravida

How Coravida Heart Centers came to be
by James Rick Stinson (Chief Corazon of CHC)

A few years ago I found myself in a confused, emotional, heart aching place after the breakup of a 4 year relationship. Prior to that relationship, I had a pattern of running as far as I could, dating other people and then having to look at why they weren’t right for me. But this time it was different, she was sweet, loving and true in every way. This lead me to the realization that maybe the problem was with me? So rather than distracting myself and running from the pain, I decided to run toward it as if asking for even more pain…. But surprisingly, I started feeling better! This was the beginning of my discovery of the heart-clearing process.

Years later after another deeply loving but difficult relationship, I found myself undergoing another painful breakup. I knew the heart-clearing process, but still felt very alone and my friends could only hear so much. I just wished that there was a place I could go where other people might be going through the same thing and where I could heal my emotional pain in a very nurturing and supportive environment.

So I asked myself “when the body is broken, we have hospitals.. but where do people go when their heart is broken?” And then I remember thinking to myself that in a perfect world there would be an affordable option that provides deep-level heart care for people during breakups, the loss of loved ones or for those that are having difficulty processing any kind of emotional trauma.

Chief Corazon, Founder of Coravida
(James Rick Stinson)

So the Coravida Heart Center was born! I have since converted my beautiful Coravida Retreat Center in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica into the inaugural Coravida Heart Center, and to allow the services of our CHC heart doctors and heart staff to be affordable, I have decided that the all-inclusive short and long-term stays at CHC are offered on donation*

Our vision and sincere goal is to make CHC care available to everyone that is in need of it, and for it to be as accessible as your local hospital! So I have already begun implementing expansion plans for CHC’s worldwide.

I sincerely thank you for joining us on this mission, whether it be  as a patient, CHC Staff member, supporter, investor or as a donor.


Reach out – we do our best to respond with 24 hours