Live in the Treetop Paradise


Experience Heaven on
Earth with Friends


Enjoy nearby Beaches,
Waterfall and Adventures!



Live at a level 10 in Coravida Costa Rica


Connect with other passionate Souls.


Have fun while unleashing your full potential

The Property

2 Large Villas in Manuel Antonio Estates

Coravida Costa Rica is located inside of a secure & gated complex, made up of 2 large villas (15 bedrooms) 16 baths overlooking the Costa Rican rainforest, with ocean views. The first Villa (Jacana) is 7 bedrooms on 5 stories and features a fire pit, swimming pool, large balconies and decks. The second villa (Manakin) is 8 bedrooms and very similar to the first with a slightly more modern decor.


Yoga & More

Behind the Villas is a hilltop with a Yoga tent and grounds for Yoga. We regularly hold events like Cacao ceremonies, fire pit gatherings , ecstatic dance and more on the property, Many yoga practitioners and facilitators hold retreats and events.

We have also carved out a little path we call the ‘bamboo forest trail’ that goes down the hill behind the houses and into a beautiful bamboo forest that feels like you’ve been teleported to China or some far away land beyond Costa Rica. It is very peaceful and quiet with the swaying bamboo stalks and the sounds of natures.


Feel like you’re at home high in the treetops surrounded by nature


There are many adventures and surprises around the Manuel Antonio landscape. This of the most biodiverse regions in the world with close to 1 M visitors to the National Park here every year. You will find monkeys, sloths, iguanas, toucans, macaws and more. Waterfalls and cliff diving are a short walk from the property. Gorgeous beaches, surfing, sunset sail, white water rafting and more await you here! Let us know what adventures we can line up for you before you arrive or get the full menu when you are here!


The Town

The town of Quepos is conveniently located 5 minutes away, with a modern Marina and beautifully updated boardwalk, that's also makes for a nice walk day and night. Quepos has supermarkets and stores for nearly anything you might need.. and for more advanced requests the city of San Jose is just a short 25 min flight from the Quepos airport, or a 3 hour drive.

The Nature

We are visited almost daily by two kinds of monkeys the cute little squirrel monkeys and black white faced capuchin monkeys. You'll see iguanas, geckos and a variety of other species native to Costa Ricas on a daily basis. We are often visited by toucans, macaws, howler monkeys and even occassionally graced with sloths in the treets right above the pool! The diverse wildlife that makes Manuel Antonio National park such a popular global destination for tourists, is also abundant around Coravida: Costa Rica.

Fast Internet

Attention Digital Nomads! Both villas are equipped with high speed fiber optic internet, 100 mbps. A nice thing to have in Costa Rica!

Want to offer an Experience or Retreat?

We offer special packages to retreat leaders and experience givers that want to share their gifts at Coravida.
contact us and share details of what you want to do.

Exciting New Upgrdes!

We are currently creating a co-working area and jungle office,a waterfall garden and herb garden that will be completed sometime in August 2018.Future improvements include a spa,jungle nest and larger yoga dack in the jungle! want to become a long term Coravida resident or investor? Contact us  for more details.

Just outside of Quepos there is Manuel Antonio Estates
It’s on main road, to left, just as you start going up hill to Manuel Antonio.
Once you are at the guard gate ask for Villa Jacana or Villa Manakin.
They are side-by side.. but Villa Jacana is where majority of Coravida bookings go.
And once inside Manuel Antonio Estates you just go up the hill and at the top to the left is the house.

If you have any trouble finding Manuel Antonio Estates just ask a taxi driver in Quepos,
they usually all know how to get there.


Now accepting volunteer applications to be part of Coravida for short or long term work-stays. Please note that part of our onboarding process is a personality and profile assessment and trial period to make sure everyone in the community is a good fit.

Coravida Video

Please note,many updates have been made since this video!