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Welcome to Coravida!


Coravida provides all of the modern amenities sprawled across two private villas. A perfect atmosphere for healing and growth! Two large upgraded villas (15 bedrooms total) multiple decks for hanging out and an epic Yoga deck on a hilltop with ocean view for Yoga and performances.


To nurture our temples and prepare them to the best conditions we are offering high vibration food to keep you clear, engaged and light. Come experience the bliss of our Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine, the ones that select bu now will have access to our salad bar.


Cultivating an environment where our unique souls are celebrated and supported to be expressed and shine bright! Entering and exploring through the dream state, cacao ceremony and ecstatic connection.

Transformational Experiences


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

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Ecstatic Dance

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Power Yoga Class

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What do we offer?

An intimate gathering of high vibe tribing, musical jam sessions, meditations, yoga and stretching, cacao ceremony, vegan ice cream, guest facilitated performances and workshops including those by James Sundance, Vitalitarian food, free flowing fun and adventure!

Your life Will Change

The Coravida transformational experiences seek to bring you in with yourself and nature, your relationships, the friends you meet along the way and the greater global community. Join us for a day.. or a lifetime!

Our Clients Testimonials

James provides a wealth of information for understanding all that it means to be human. I love the analogies in the Full Potential Model.. James presents the principles in a succinct manner that can be easily applied in your life.

Julie Fuimano Author of The Journey Called You

..mind-opening insights and new perspectives, enriched by a compassionate view of power. I kept thinking of people to share it with and how have Rick’s ideas could help me to be more productive too.

Mandy Evans Author of Emotional Options

Enjoyable.. Shows you how to get more out of yourself and lfe than you ever thought possible

Brian Tracy Authour of The Way of Wealth

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