Welcome To Coravida

Treetop Paradise

Staying for awhile? Book a room!


J1 Master with balcony

J2 Master with jacuzzi

Lower House


Jungle Pod 1

Jungle Pod 2

Jungle Pod 3

Jungle Pod 4


Jungle Pod 5

Jungle Pod 6

Jungle Pod 7

Jungle Pod 8

J4 Suite Above Garage

J5 Suite Below Garage

J6 Apartment on Side

Staying the night? Book a room!

MANAKIN Villa (the entire Villa)

M1 Master with Jacuzzi

M2 Master in Middle

M3 Master w/ Balcony

M4 Lower House

Upstairs Room

Downstairs Room

M5 Suite Above Garage

M6 Suite Below Garage

M7 Apartment on Side

Coravida’s Treetop Paradise Presents:

The Eat Vegan

All-Day Package

2x Healthy & Delicious Chef Prepared Vegan Meals

2x Drinks Package (Kombucha or Smoothies)

2x Vegan Desserts (No sugar)

Onsite at Coravida or have our yummy food delivered to your door (Manuel Antonio / Quepos)

Free breakfast with room

or just $10/ extra

‘healthy, vitalitarian,


$50/day OR

INCLUDED in your Experience Package!

Meal times:

Breakfast: 8 AM – 10 AM

Lunch: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Dinner: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Free breakfast with room

or just $10/ extra

Add this plan to your next retreat or event!

Coravida Wellness Center


Waterfall Trip

El Salto Waterfall active group tours from

(May to Mid-Dec). Swim, dive, play.

$10 | 5 Coras

Blue Clay Treatment

Face or full body. Detoxifying and nurturing for your skin. Transforms you into an avatar.

$10 | 8 Coras

$20 | 16 Coras

Ice Bath

The fastest way to cool down and come alive!

$10 | 8 Coras


1 hour Coravida massage (special).

30 Minutes

$60 | 50 Coras

$30 | 24 Coras

Yoga Lessons

1 hour of Yoga (see schedule for types)

$10 | 8 Coras

Spanish Lessons

1 hour of beginner group lessons for travelers.

$10 | 8 Coras

Surfing Lessons

2 hour surf lesson / session. Incl. board & transport.

$60 | 50 Coras

Breathing Meditation

Guided Ananda Mandala Meditation. A very intense breathing & healing experience for 45 min.


Life Coaching

Life, relationship, business, healing guidance.

$50 | 50 Coras

Vegan Meal Package

2 Meals, 2 Desserts, 2 Drinks


Detox Package

3 juices & 3 teas (daily)

$ 60 | 50 Coras

* Please note by law we must add 13% Costa Rica VAT tax on $ money transactions. Spend more than $100 in experiences and get 10% off!

*Coras are loyalty rewards points! Download the Coravida app to participate!


3 Days in Paradise

3x Overnight stays in one of our Villa suites ($300 value)

9x Healthy & Delicious Chef prepared VEGAN Meals  ($250 value)

6x Vegan Desserts ($60 value)

9x Drinks (Kombucha / Cafe/ Tea / Smoothie) ($45 value)

1x Massage / Body Work or Reiki Session ($100 value)

1x Blue Clay Mask / Facial ($30 value)

Tour of nature reserve & El Salto waterfall ($20 value)

1x Kind Deed (Feed homeless, educate kids, beach clean) (priceless)

Access to all facilities (pool, co-working, etc) ($20 value)

All onsite events & workshops, including weekends in paradise ($100 value)

3x Guided Meditations ($30 value)

3 Yoga Sessions ($30 value)

 $1,240 total value per person

Costa Rica’s 3 Days in Paradise Package is the ultimate value in healthy lifestyle travel. Carefully crafted menu, drinks and experiences for your ultimate enjoyment AND giving back, which is good for your soul.

An affordable, holistic and healing retreat experience at Coravida. Come realize your Full Potential while being supported by all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Plus every dollar supports our efforts to bring paradise to the world!

All Inclusive Price $597

Share a room for two? Special for couples, just $999 total. Wow!


If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, if its not your idea of paradise. Just ask us for a refund within 24 hours of your arrival and we’ll refund you fully, with no obligations of any kind. Thats how committed we are to your enjoyment.

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