Coravida provides a place for artists to have reflection time and space to create their art in a beautiful setting in a supportive and vibrant community.. This is a great opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature. Coravida Is a space for musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, videographers and writers.


-Creating art is  easier when you’re surrounded by other artists and creators

-Be in  in a treetop paradise

-Have 3 healthy & delicious vegan meals cooked for you each day

-Enjoy green smoothies and energizing treats

-Showcase your skills at our open heart mics & weekend events

-Co-create with fellow artists and musicians

-Record music in our studio

-Have your dance performances video-ed in our studio

-Upgrade your mindset with our workshops and educational events

-Share your gifts with others through our daily scheduled events

-Participate in mastermind sessions and share your ideas on how to change the world

-Learn how to be more productive and implement your ideas

-Enjoy our nightly singing & drumming sessions

-Make use of our community instruments and learn something new

-5 Minutes from a world class surfing beach

-Carpool with us on regular weekly surf trips! Boards available.

-10 Minute walk to a private waterfall

-Network with other inspired creators & musicians

-Be free in an open lifestyle culture

-Loosen up with regular Yoga sessions

-Unleash your creativity in a safe and supportive environment

-Upgrade your consciousness with daily meditation & breath work

-Give back to the planet & society with kind deeds & environmental missions

-Wake up your senses with a sunrise run and swim at the waterfall

Connect with our community and become part of the family

Enjoy our community gatherings every Friday

$1200 for a month

$350 for a week

Includes Dorm Bed and Chef prepared food!

+weekly cleaning service

Fill out the form below to send you through the application process to Volunteer here at Coravida

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